Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Messenger spam
I recently started receiving a new kind of spam, called "messenger spam". Worthless animals (advertisers) utilize a disgusting Windows glitch to send spam messages through the Windows network messenger service. It is a growing phenomenon (disease):

"This is just going to be a whole other delivery vehicle for spam," Baldwin said, adding that the fact the service is turned on by default is another indication that Windows security has a way to go. "But welcome to Microsoft," he said.

If you get one of these messages telling you that the security flaw can only be fixed by buying their program, don't be fucking fooled by these lying bastards. There are two easy ways to fix this problem (on Windows XP):

If you still want messenger service to run, go to control panel, go to network connections, and right click on your Internet connection. Click on the "advanced tab", and turn on the firewall (if you have service pack 1 or above). The firewall will make some other Internet things not work, probably, but some sacrifices have to be made in the fight against horrible capitalism-killing scum like spammers.

If you don't care about having messenger service run, go to control panel, go to administrative tools, find "messenger service" in the list and right-click on it. Click the big button that says "stop" and change the "start-up status" to "disabled". Click OK.

Note that "messenger service" is not the same thing as "Windows Messenger" or "MSN Messenger"; it's just a service that allows network administrators to communicate and stuff.