Saturday, August 09, 2003

Blog math
I actually posted this to my new Movable Type blog first. I'm going to post there regularly and just copy and paste the entries into this blog until the other site actually launches.

It's weird actually having my own webspace on the web. Suddenly I'm quite concerned about diskspace and bandwidth usage. I was considering not transferring my Blogger entries on the basis that they'd (149 entries) would take up too much space. But after doing the math, I found that I'd have to post around 3500 entries for my 25mb to run out. That'll give me a good couple years before I have to upgrade, methinks.

As for the bandwidth usage: I'd have to go through more than 100mb a day in order to surpass my 3gb/month limit. I don't think that'll happen any time soon. And even if it does, it's just a couple bucks more per extra gb.

In a couple years, when my site reaches 25mb, the bandwidth could become a real issue, but I'll be upgrading by then anyway. Right now, before my site is even launched, I've gone through about 40mb of bandwidth (that is from over 13 straight hours of trial-and-error-editing). My disk-usage is at about 6mb; that includes the 4mb Movable Type installation about 150 entries, two forms of archive (so it's actually 300 entries), and all my indexes.

For some reason I thought that when I use MySQL, the actual posts wouldn't count toward disk space, because databases usually aren't considered. I thought all the posts were kept exclusively in the database. For some reason I never considered that each post would have 1 or 2 HTML files also associated with it. That being said, my SQL disk usage is at about half a mb, but it doesn't count toward anything anyway.

So I have about 18mb left on this site. I don't think I'll be storing any photos or anything like that. I need every last byte for entries!