Thursday, August 07, 2003

Dying a thousand deaths and Vanilla Sky
Lately I've been finding it hard to organize my thoughts well enough for my usual "lots of short random posts" weblog format. You see, for this format, each post has to be interesting in itself. I started thinking, while reading this "online serial" site (to which I forget the link); why don't I just basically compile everything that happens in my day into one super duper big post! It would be more like a real "journal", and much easier to come up with subjects for. My own life can be my inspiration! And of course, it would be more like a real life "serial", as you can follow along each day as my life takes over-dramaticized twists and turns. Of course, this is not a unique format idea. I was thinking of changing my Blogger settings so that only 1 day worth of posts (yes, I'll likely still post multiple entries on some days) appear on the main page, but I will postpone that (if I decide to even do that) until Blogger decides to start publishing my archives again. Oh yeah, just so you know: Blogger hasn't archived any of my posts since August 4th. So anyway, what happened today? (Lines get all wavy as flashback sequence begins.)

When I arrived at work at 8:30am, the day seemed full of promise. The dishpit was semi-clean, and yes, it was overcast! Oh glorious overcast! By all means it should have been a nice, relaxing day in the good ol' dishpit. But alas! The nitwit who wrote the schedule forgot to schedule a salad worker for lunch today! Suddenly I had to do dishes and salads. Oh yes, and the sun came out after over a week of hiding behind the happy grey clouds. Lunch would be in full throttle today. Oh, and how delighted I was to find that all the lettuce in the kitchen was all fucking brown and rancid, promising a fun day of picking through lettuce to find the "good" pieces while servers wait impatiently for their orders and customers put their change purses away.

After about three hours of a total "white out" (if you've worked in a kitchen you know what this term means), with the servers waiting impatiently for rancid salad while their customers huffed and put their change purses away, I finally ripped the last chit and breathed for the first time in ages. The other salad people punched in at 2:00 and my day got back to normal.

Later, I watched Vanilla Sky. Fuck, that movie was good. But I think the idea of a "Life Extention" corporation is pretty unfeasible and silly. What company could stay in business if the benefits of their services couldn't even be reaped in a definitive amount of time? "Oh we might be able to provide our service, but even if we can, we don't know when." Wow, sign me up.