Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Tao of Dowingba commenting standards
Here are the standards I will adhere to in reference to the comments on this site:

-I will never delete a comment.

-If someone "vandalizes" my site (like filling my comments with the word "you suck" thousands of times, for instance), I will ban their IP address from the commenting system (they will still be able to view my site though), until I recieve a written apology (to my email address). If, after recieving the apology, they do it again, they will be banned forever. Note that the "vandalizing" comments will still not be deleted in this scenerio.

-If you submit a comment with spelling mistakes or what have you, and, like me, it drives you completely mad, you can email me, and I will gladly edit it for you. The edited comment will display "edited by request" at the bottom in italics.

-There are no rules (except that "vandalism" thing stated above). Feel free to curse, disagree with me, or be as much of a flaming idiot as you like.

-And just so you know, all fields (name, email address, homepage) in the comment box are completely optional. If you don't put a name, your comment will show up as "anonymous". Also note that your email address will be linked to in the comment for all the world to see. I cannot change this fact. If you don't want the public to see your address, don't type it into the field, it's completely optional. If you do enter it, and it gets displayed, and you suddenly decide you don't want it public, email me and I'll get rid of it.

Basically, I'm a human, I can be reasoned with.

(Thanks to Calblog for inspiring this.)