Friday, August 01, 2003

Curb your criticism
Curb Your Enthusiasm is an absolutely brilliant show. Here is a general synopsis of the episode I watched today:

Larry's wife tells him to get rid of a certain old jacket of his. Larry's friend claims Larry stole his outgoing answering service message from him. After a long argument, Larry changes the message from his office phone. Larry and his wife get invited to a baptism somewhere err far away. Larry reveals he doesn't really know what goes on at a baptism. Larry gives his jacket to a homeless person on the street. They get to the airport to find that their tickets have gotten stolen. After arguing with someone at the front desk for a while, they get on a different flight, which means they have to rent a car and drive to the baptism. While in the car, Larry checks his messages only to find that his service isn't working. Apparently changing the message from his office phone doesn't work. "Oh well, so we'll miss a couple calls." In the car, Larry comments on how it makes him mad that Christians are always trying to convert people. Larry and his wife get lost, and arrive late to the baptism. As Larry gets out of his car, he sees what he thinks is someone trying to drown someone else. He creates a commotion and the guy being baptized ends up floating uncontrollably downriver. After he is rescued they are all back at someone's house. The guy being baptized refuses to try again, and his fiance refuses to marry him if he doesn't. The woman yells at larry "see what you've done?" One of the Jews in the crowd says something like "yeah, well we resent the conversion anyway". A "war" breaks out. Later, when Larry and his wife are driving home, they see the homeless guy he gave his jacket to again. "Oh, I found these airline tickets in the pockets," he says. "I tried to call, your number is on the tickets, but..."

Absolutely brilliant.