Sunday, July 27, 2003

What some are saying on the SWK petition
Dalsatch says:

c'mon give the kid a shot, he couldnt suck the movie up more than it will without him.

Brendan Brustman says:

Im a star wars fan,and i can relate!!! Help this kid get back on his feet,and to feel that his being a fan of star wars is NOTHING to be ashamed of!!!

Katarina Rondav says:

Dear Mr. Lucas, you have the money, the influence, the resources, you have EVERYTHING you can dream of... Please, consider this request and help this kid's dreams become true by treating him to what he deserves. You would become our hero if you would only hear us, your fans, and go forward with this. You know you can do this, and by acknowledging that you can help a distressed teenager by reaching out to him, you would reach an ultimate level in gaining the uttermost respect of your fans and of your audience. WILL SOMEONE FINALLY HEAR US OUT THERE IN HOLLYWOOD AND TALK TO GEORGE LUCAS?????

Paul Garnier says:

That was a great video! It was good because he had the guts to film what we do not!

All good points, I'll admit. I'm relatively torn between the two sides. I think no movie producer should ever cast someone just because 27,000 or so people signed a petition; but I'd be quite impressed with the power of the Internet if it so happened. Imagine, the power of the Internet ruining this kid's life and then fixing it again! It's the feel-good story of the summer!

Note: By the way, some of the "remixes" found on are true comic genius.