Sunday, July 27, 2003

Star Wars Kid petition
All the nerds signing this petition wish that their stories of school-time woe could get them parts on Star Wars. They're living vicariously through the Star Wars Kid.

Come on, I was ridiculed, beat up, the whole shabang, in school. Where's the petition getting me on Star Wars? I'd also like to state that if the Star Wars people actually listen and get him a part, that is the day Star Wars died. Sorry, but good movie producers don't give people roles just because they were made fun of in school.

Note: I have nothing against "nerds". Indeed, I am one myself. But I'm a nerd who appreciates artistic responsibility. That does not include getting people roles in movies for stupid political reasons. You're infinitely naive if you sign that petition. In case you were wondering, the producers of Star Wars don't have to give that petition a second glance if they don't want to. Petitions are worthless. Give it up.