Thursday, July 31, 2003

A new low
I actually got excited about Sars-stock. MuchMoreMusic (I refuse to link to them) promised to air the concert live on television. I was very excited, as was the rest of the country, to see the Rolling Stones perform live on TV (even though I'm not a Rolling Stones fan). But, gasp, MuchMoreMusic, being the lying scum that they are, didn't show the fucking thing. Instead they milked ratings out of the entire country, treating us all like money-rich cattle, while they filled 11 hours with nonsense interviews and other non-live-Stones footage. I guarantee MuchMoreMusic got the highest ratings in their station's history. Millions of people watched all fucking day to see the fucking Rolling Stones and got fucking interviews and fucking music videos and fucking "VJ's" standing in the fucking crowd talking to fucking screaming fucking fans. How much "live Rolling Stones" did we get to see? None! That's fucking right: none!

I hereby announce my lifelong boycott of MuchMoreMusic (not that I ever really watch the fucking channel anyway). My mom is planning to phone Cogeco tomorrow and ask them to remove the station from our package. She says she's willing to pay the same price for the package, but will cancel her entire service if they don't remove the channel. I urge anyone reading this who gets MuchMoreMusic to call their local cable distributor and ask the channel to be discontinued. If we, the people, don't do something to stop these lying fuckbags from profiting off of shit like this, it'll never stop, and will only get worse.

Fuck, I can't believe they ruined such a monumental moment in music history like this.

Edit: What others are saying about the MMMusic Sars-stock coverage:

I am so totally disappointed. I'm a stay at home mom and couldn't make it to the concert today. When I heard MMMusic would be simulcasting the concert I was thrilled. I thought it was great that my kids could experience such a tremendous event without the dangers of being there. I remember as a young teenager watching Live Aid and feeling as if I was witnessing something historic. Unfortunately if the first hour of your coverage is any indication all of us Moms at home watching have been totally let down. In the first hour you have shown only 30 seconds of actual live concert footage of Sam Roberts. The first half of the concert is particularly important as it's an opportunity for Canadian acts to reach a larger audience. Instead of supporting the theme of the day and the spirit on which this event is based you have chosen to show ancient videos. You should be ashamed of yourselves. If you had no intention of showing the concert itself at least be honest with your viewers about what to expect. Shame on you MMM!!!

i'm just thanking much music for misleading the the viewers, watching the sars event into thinking we would actually be seeing the show. this shows a lot of class, way to go.

Much more crap.... this is the last time i watch anything on this stupid channel...

Who is the dimwit in charge of programming?
This is an absolute disgrace.
It is hard to fathom how your channel could waste an opportunity like this. How difficult would it be to show the concert? Instead breathtakingly bad interviews, tired videos, insipid hosts. At least the commercials break up the banality. A truly amazing demonstration of incompetence.

MMM should be ashamed for advertising 'live coverage' of the concert. What a pile of BS. I am SO disgusted. All I have seen so far (flipping back and forth...I am NOT tuning in to watch a bunch of videos) is two performers, lots of commercials. FALSE ADVERTISING. The mayor of our city was talking about arranging a simulcast in the football arena. This was not done because MMM was having live coverage...start to finish. What a load of bovine scat. MMM-you are pissing a lot of people off. CHANGE NOW, please. Give us what was adverstised CROSS-CANADA...

what,no live coverage?i had to cancel going to the concert due to a broken toe but was relieved to hear it would be televised.yaaaaa right! how dare you(MMM)give false hope to your viewers.i as a loyal viewer will never watch your station ever again you should have let your viewers known ahead of time it would not be totally live,i say it was false should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

I too joined this thread just to tell you how much your coverage of this event sucks!! I am a 61 year old grandmother, who because of impending knee surgery was unable to attend - I have been sitting at home all afternoon hoping to see my nephew who is the drummer of the Tea Party playing at the most exciting event of his life and I get "dick squat". Who in the hell is in charge of putting the programming for this event together? All we've seen so far is a rehash of a bunch of old videos and so little live coverage, it's pathetic! My subscription will be cancelled tomorrow - you really blew it this time!

I think it is disgusting and appaulling that bands have set aside their differences, and revenue to make this event happen for TO and Canadians. It appears the only group of whack-offs that are capitalizing from this event is Much Music. Way to go idiots' you have just joined the ranks of CNN.... Shame on you Moses you A-hole

You Rot MMM!!!! If you wanted to be remembered for your coverage of this historic event..don't worry you will be. You'll be notoriously remembered for the worst possible coverage of an event in the history of television!!
This event marks your worst public relations nightmare and if your station's ratings don't plummet into oblivion for this colossal screw up it won't be for a lack of trying. You should be sued for false advertising and grossly misleading the Canadian public. "Live Coverage"? Videos, previously recorded interviews and an endless berrage of commercials and if we're really lucky maybe a whole 30 seconds of live performance!!! Shame on you MMM!!! What kind of moron thinks that we're remotely interested in how some girls peticure stays clean while walking through the dust?!! Your at a historic rock concert and this is the best question you people can come up with??? Quit now! You're in the wrong line of work!!! I can't wait for CBC's coverage to begin...I'm only disappointed that it will come too late to see the other great performances of the day.
I hope you get raked over the coals in tomorrows papers and tv news because you deserve it

A lot of people are complaining about the worthless coverage today, hoping someone at MuchMusic will get fired, but you have got to know this was planned. They would certainly have shown the whole thing uncut (except for commercials), had they bought the rights to. They're only showing the highlights because it's cheaper to get those rights. Showing you the show is not important to them. Showing you the commercials is the only thing that matters at any commercial television station, and if you want to get back at them, the only way you can is to not buy the products you saw advertised. Get mad all you want, write your nasty letters, but it doesn't make a bit of difference, if you go out and buy anything you saw advertised.

Swiss Chalet
The Gap
Oil Of Olay
Dairy Queen

Hey is anyone else sick of being teased by the idiot hosts on MMM who keep telling us all of the great stuff that is happening that we're not seeing? I don't care if the Stones played Karina Huber's favorite songs because I'm not seeing them, am I? I feel like I'm being gloated at. It's freaking annoying.

I've been outraged all day at this coverage. It makes me absolutely sick.

I got all these from the MuchMoreMusic message board (which I refuse to link to). There's a good 6 pages of complaints so far, and rising steadily.

Edit: Oh, and check out this poll.