Thursday, August 07, 2003

The style that defines me
I do notice when I get linked to by other weblogs, and I sometimes feel bad that I don't have a links section of my own. But the fact is, a link section just doesn't fit in with the style of this page, in any way I can think of. "Well, just change the damn style, you selfish bastard," you must be saying under your breath as you methodically stroke the barrel of your sawed-off-shotgun. Well, like any form of art (and this is a form of art), I do not define the style, the style defines me. This is the style that became, and I'm merely the unfortunate clout who happened into its clutches. It's what I always say: I don't create art; art creates me.

If you have any ideas of how I can fit a links section into this site design, I'm all ears. I've toyed with the idea of just making an entry of links, and then linking to that in the main menu. Perhaps, perhaps.