Friday, August 15, 2003

Darkness in Bracebridge
In case you were wondering, I was indeed included in "Blackout 2003", the biggest blackout in North American history. For 20 hours or so I had no power. Now we are in a state of emergency, being urged not to go to work and to conserve energy and water. And of course, every business will be like "oh, we're important", and will open up for business as usual, and hence, we will go through another happy 20 hour blackout. Yay!

Inn at the Falls, being the idiots they are, opened up for breakfast this morning. I went in around noon to find out what was going on for dinner tonight...dishes everywhere, it was mayhem. Idiots. And yes, they are serving dinner tonight. Idiots. I'm gonna get fucked up the ass on dishes when the power goes back out.

I have alot more to write on this subject, but I don't want my entries to get too long, because the power could go out at any second. I'll organize my thoughts while I hand-wash all the fucking dishes tonight and you'll get some great entries when the power comes back.


Edit: I don't know what's gonna happen with Verve Hosting. I sent my money-order last Friday and it apparently hasn't arrived. This blackout has hit Canada post severely. I hope to God it got on the plane before the chaos. I hope Verve understands that almost all of Ontario lost its power and is in a state of emergency. I don't want to lose my account because of this. I'd send them an email if I had any hope it'd get read.