Sunday, June 29, 2003

Story of my (sex) life
As I promised, I will regale you on why I have the views I have and what those views are concerning "love". First, I'll regale you with a few stories of "sexual regrets" I've had in my life:

One day a long time ago, I was walking around outside for some inexplicable reason. At one point, this car jam packed with gorgeous women stopped beside me. They explained they were on vacation from Florida and wondered where the local McDonalds was. I gave them pretty simple directions (consider if they had drive a few feet further, they could clearly see the McDonalds sign), but they insisted they wouldn't be able to find it. "Hop in, and give us directions," they suggested. "Oh boy!" thought I. Without a second thought, I tried to open one of the doors. "Oh, the doors are broken, just jump in through the window," the driver explained. As I started readying myself for the climb through the window, something suddenly held me back. For some crazy reason, I had second thoughts. I just couldn't do it. I excused myself away from the situation and ran off. To this day I regret not getting into that car.

During my last year of high school, I was the drummer for the extra-curricular activity known as "senior band" (I had been a drummer in the band, off and on, since grade 9). Our school's music program was inexplicably good. We had a very high reputation as one of the best in the region, and in the country as a whole. After competing in a regional music competition and getting gold, we were off to the nationals, in Ottawa. During our week long trip to Ottawa, which was quite boring, one day I was sitting in the lobby of the college campus we were staying at, watching people play billiards, for lack of anything better to do. In walks this beautiful young lady, she slumps down on the couch beside me. We get to talking. She complains to me how it's her birthday and all her friends forgot, and she's all alone and sad. I could have, right there and then, got up and taken her out for an unforgettable good time. I had something like $200 spending money in my pocket, and pretty much nothing to do for a week. Who knows what could have happened. But like I do in any new social situation (I know JD can sympathize with this), I froze. I became a stupor of monosyllabic responses. For two or three hours, we sat there in uncomfortable silence. She finally left, obviously disappointed, probably because she expected me to take her out somewhere. This too, I regret to this day (although I very likely would have regretted had it had the opposite results). By the way, we won silver at the competition (at one point during the performance, my drum stool broke, I had to get down and fix it, and managed to jump back into my seat and start drumming just as my big solo came up, it somehow added to our score).

As some of you may know, I am part of a two-piece band called Mozeba. A couple of years ago, in the summer, we were slated to open for The Crash Test Dummies in an annual local festival called Riverfest (no, we ended up getting bumped out of the festival by the local "popular" band, who didn't even show up for the audition). Anyway, somehow we had a fan from Michigan, and she told me (via email) that she was planning on coming all the way up here (an 11 hour drive) to see us perform and to buy our latest CD. Even though I'm sure she really came up to see the Crash Test Dummies, she was basically a "groupie". We ended up having three days of almost non-stop sex in her hotel room. On the third day, my parents threatened to kick me out of the house if I wouldn't explain why I had inexplicably been out all night. I went back to the hotel room just to say good-bye. She was crying when I left. I should also mention that she was married, and I found out later (via the Internet), that they had gotten a divorce very soon afterwards. This I definitely regret.

Anyway, although those stories (at least the last one) definitely cause me issues concerning romantic relationships, that is not really the reason I said earlier "I'll never find love". I should explain that I'll probably find love, but it'll never materialize into anything, as I stated before. The real reason for this is that it's always been in the back of my mind that music is so damn important to me, and such a high priority, that I could never have love as highest priority. Any woman who would choose to share their life with me would deserve top priority, but I could never give it.