Sunday, June 29, 2003

Having basically declared Genetic Angelics a failure, we are setting are sights now on the next recording endeavour. And we have some new ideas that should make it quite incredible. Basically, we are planning on discarding our previous "purist" views and going for full on overdubbing! We're gonna work the shit out of this 8-track recorder. Other than the fact that our newest songs are quite amazing, I think nothing else revolutionary is happening to make the next record special. One thing I want out of it, that I will not compromise on, is that I want it to be loud. I want it to match the volume of normal CDs. I'm sick and tired of our recordings always being so subpar in the volume department. On one of our drafts of Genetic Angelics, it was louder than normal CDs, but it was distorted on some parts. We planned on making our final copy just a bit quieter so as to eliminate the distortion. It somehow ended up being way quieter.