Sunday, June 29, 2003

Today, about an hour ago, I decided to go for a walk. I had $100 in my pocket on the off chance that I happened by a store that sells headphones (I am now determined to buy headphones in an attempt to understand the new Metallica album better, I owe them that much). Anyway, I went down to the Roger's Video parking lot, and decided to turn back. Then I went by McDonalds. A little back story: it has been about a year, more or less, since I've eaten "fast-food". Anyway, I found myself inexplicably walking toward the restaurant entrance. "What am I doing?" I said to myself. I tried to turn away. My body was no longer under my control. "Well, maybe I'll just get some fries, to go," I told myself. "No!" I silently screamed. I turned back onto the road. "Can I get a Big Xtra meal, please?" I heard my voice saying in my head. My pace automatically slowed. I was pushing against a wall of addiction. "This is ridiculous, I just ate pork chops 3 hours ago, I'm not even hungry!" My feet became heavy. I almost had to crawl away. But I found that the further I got from the restaurant, the weaker its power over me got. I was free.

Three minutes later when I reached the top of Monck Hill, KFC caught me in its tractor beam. Again I metaphorically crawled away. Two minutes later it was Bill's Pizza. "Come on, get a Banquet burger," my mind screamed at me. By now I was trembling. I needed something. I needed to revert to my previous lifestyle in some way. I ducked into Mike's Mart. I bought two ice cream sandwiches, and upon finishing them, discarded the wrappers on the street, littering. I felt better.