Sunday, June 29, 2003

Pros and convicts
-Pro: I have "early adopter" status, which means I get full privileges.
-Pro: The archiving works seamlessly.
-Pro: The ability to have "Permanent link to [entry title]" as a tool tip on the entry title.
-Pro: Programming that allows me to "count" each post, in the title (that #133 in this title, for instance, is my 133rd post).
-Con: Can't use Javascript! Which means I can't use Haloscan for comments.
-Con: The permanent page for each post looks crappy, and is uneditable (but it exists).
-Con: Can't justify the text on both sides for some strange reason.
-Con: Default Blurty commenting feature sucks, for the sole reason that anyone who doesn't have a Blurty username is destined to be "anonymous".
-Pro: NO ADS!!
-Pro: I can edit the dates of posts using the Blurty Client.

Pro: Templates are much more editable than Blurty.
Pro: Allows Javascript!!
Pro: Wider audience (there's well over a million Blogger users, who get to see a link to my journal on the Blogger homepage every time I edit it).
Con: Archives are hideously horrid.
Con: Banner ad at top of page and Blogger button at bottom of page.
Con: Slower servers (somehow slower than Blurty, although I realise they are in a transition phase).
Con: Server goes offline for over an hour at least once a day, it seems.
Con: Can't edit the dates without paying for Blogger Pro.
Con: Can't make official "titles" for your posts without Blogger Pro.
Con: No commenting feature at all (unless you implement a 3rd party tool like Haloscan).

The last 8 days of struggling with Blogger has brought me the experience enough to compile this post. Phew, hardly worth it. Another thing I neglected to mention is that I just plain like Blurty. It's a good organization. It's got style.

The archiving on Blogger is really what made me switch back though. Proper, reliable archiving is important to me and Blogger just didn't cut it. This blog is really made for me. If no one ever read it, I'd still write in it. So the only real advantage of Blogger being it's wider audience, that just doesn't cut it. I know there'll be a couple of people reading my blog when it's on Blurty, so I'll still get some great discussions going on. The fact is, I want to be able to look back at these posts in 20 years and actually find them. I can't trust Blogger's substandard archiving to do that.

I will still be hosting a blog on Blogger/Blogspot though. Tao of Dreams, my newly created blog dealing with documenting my eccentric unconscious mind. Check it out if you want.