Saturday, June 07, 2003

Tao of Dreams
I started a new blog called Tao of Dreams. It is meant to be a branch of this site that deals primarily with documenting my dreams. I debated for a while whether I should post dreams in my weblog (I very often remember my dreams), but decided it would fill up too much with nonesense, as my dreams rarely make any sense. I think this new blog will be quite interesting though, as I am planning on documenting each dream in "novel" type writing. So, really, it accomplishes two things: to document my insane unconscious life, and flex my "fiction" writing style.

Anyway, there's a link to the new blog in the menu of this blog, so enjoy.

Note: I'm still debating whether to include a comments protocol on the new blog. While the posts will most definitely be of completely personal nature, dreams often do bring up good discussions. Until I decide though, there will not be a comment feature (although I've already signed up a new account with Haloscan, just so I don't miss the sign-up period).