Friday, June 06, 2003

Lorem ipsum.mp3
I just came up with a crazy musical idea. To assign a different combination of note/duration to each letter of the alphabet, and then generate, say, 400 words of lorem ipsum and play it.

As you probably don't know, me and my band quite often come up with weird, mathematical musical ideas as a way to ease the pain of actually writing a song. Previous concepts include: writing a song that's the same backwards as forwards, a song where the time signature = the time signature + 1 each time it repeats, and writing a song in 4 different time signatures at once. Another local band I've talked to once wrote a song where the bassline is each digit of PI for 90 minutes or so (as an unofficial soundtrack to the movie PI). A lorem ipsum song would be a healthy endeavor.

Note: I haven't figured out how to create 2 seperate guitar parts using the lorem ipsum theory. Perhaps each guitar would start at a different place in the sequence, or one would play it backwards.