Sunday, June 29, 2003

Free speech for the dumb (and only the dumb)
This is copied and pasted directly from a chat conversation, some names have been changed just because they have weird characters in them that I don't want befouling my weblog.

Rose: wb law and (firm shake)
Law : ha ha ha
dowingba : law keeps leaving just to get those "handshakes"
dowingba : he's rifting you, don't be a chump
littlebigman659 likes watching rose shake
Law : dow shut up
dowingba :
dowingba : you can pay for handshakes like the rest of us!
Law: I don't mind you being a jackass, but leave me out of it
littlebigman659 :
Shorty : well law... here ya go then
Law : sorry shorty *looks sheepish*
Law: that felt good though lol
Shorty: nahhhhhhhhh its ok
Rose : well i think i have had all the abuse i can take right now
Shorty : anyway I love to give out smooches so you can come in and out as many times as you wish
Rose is away.
Law: dsl went off again, had to dial up
Law : grrr@stupid dsl service
Shorty : ok who is abusing rose..
Law : 1 guess
Shorty: (((((((((((((((((((((((( roseeeeee ))))))))))))))))) where are you turtle dove
dowingba : couldnt be me, rose actually said she understood my jokes once...
Zen-Aku46 has left the conversation.
Shorty: ohhhh nooooooooo there went zen
Shorty: ummmmm dow I just scrolled as much as I could..... and frankly I dont think your so called jokes are very funny
Shorty : even IF rose did understand them... I dont care for them
dowingba : yeah only two people on earth understand my jokes, dont worry

You have been kicked out of the chat room by Host Shorty: well i hope you are one to understand this..... buhhhhh byeeeeeeeeee mr...... (Access ban set for 24 hours)

It's interesting that not once have I ever been asked to censor what I say, only kicked first, asked questions later.

Edit: Not that I would censor what I say, those ignorant suburbanite fantasy-dwellers can go to hell for all I care.