Sunday, June 29, 2003

Matrix Reloaded
Yes, finally I can make a real Matrix: Reloaded entry. I saw the movie last night and here are my thoughts:

I loved the movie, and just because of the effects. Those were the most absolutely spectacular action sequences I've ever seen. The plot/dialogue, however, was extremely disappointing. They went way too far with the "fate vs choice" crap. I mean, who cares? It seems every time they'd meet a new character they'd instantly fly into a heated discussion about "fate vs choice". They seriously have to come up with a better pop-philosophy subject. I think the real philosophical debate should be centered around the fact that different humans have different levels of importance in the Matrix series. Neo and the gang are undoubtedly more important than all the "enslaved" humans. They don't care who they kill within the matrix. It's quite the paradox, taking into account that those are the very people they're trying to save. Or are they? Maybe they're just trying to save themselves.

Edit: You know you're watching a good action sequence when, about 10 minutes into it, you find yourself chuckling at the sheer intensity of it. I got the same feeling while watching Die Another Day, although that movie seems rather lame compared to the Matrix: Reloaded.

I am an extreme action movie buff. I definitely consider it a serious genre. I definitely get as intense an emotional release from watching an action movie as from watching a drama or any other genre. I get the same feeling (stated above) when I find myself playing an especially intense song. It's a good feeling, it's like I can't hold it in any longer, I have to let it out. It's alot like sex.