Friday, August 22, 2003

Mozeba is (probably) going to become a trio. Yes, that's right: we're going to totally screw up our tried-and-tested group chemistry by adding 33.3% more people. But we're not going into this lightly.

We are a very serious band and we write very serious music that we're err very serious about. We aren't about to dive into something rashly and risk screwing up the past 2.66 years of our lives. We're being careful about it.

Me and Jackson are going to Toronto on Tuesday to co-purchase a cello. We are going to lend the cello to someone for a month or so, and we'll see what he comes up with. If he sucks, or doesn't fit in well with our already very eccentric style, he's out. We take our cello and find a new test subject and repeat ad infinitum.

It'll be weird having a third member in Mozeba. Nobody has ever even been in the same room with us while we practice/write songs. We're a very secretive band. And over the past 2.66 years we've grown to be like each other. We've inherited (some of) each other's personality traits, it seems, as well as writing traits. Or something. Basically we've grown together as musicians over 2.66 years. Neither of us are a whole musician independently. We're each half a musician. This musician's name is Mozeba, and he is growing 33.3% more weighty.