Friday, August 22, 2003

Evolving poem
The Tao of Dowingba poem keeps evolving. Here's a good one:

Tao of hours put into your property
would perfer it
oh well. Yes, Jackson, I know
what? to live
life is not the
reason even though boring and are treated.
the dispute is obviously
very fact that my mind, off
the reason he is
because of
my usual picnic table But now seriously considering
the poem generated from the fading
remnants of course, led to them
that bad for the other towns and
we all around so of
humour. 23:54 | postCount ;
Thursday, August
22, 2003 The government,
obviously so being lonely because Big Brother is this site 3
times in Canada
nowadays.So that is, wrong.

The weird thing is, August 22, 2003 is a Friday.