Friday, August 22, 2003

The perfect society
Here is my idea for the perfect society:

Everyone owns a piece or property and can do whatever the hell they want on that piece of property. They make their own laws as they wish, and are responsible for enforcing those laws as they see fit. If you are on someone else's property and you break their laws: good luck, buddy!

In turn, public places (like streets and such) are owned by the government and are governed accordingly. The government make the laws and are responsible for enforcing and such. In this example the government happens to be a Democracy (exactly like Canada's government nowadays). So being on the street would be no different than being on the street in Canada nowadays.

If, for instance, you are standing on your property and shoot someone who is standing on the street (or on another person's property), it would basically be treated the same way international politics are treated. If the government feels like it (and in this Democracy, they certainly would), they would see fit to prosecute you accordingly. That is, if they have the power to. (If your property is powerful enough to defend against the government, my God you should write a book!) If the dispute is against two property owners, then it's up to them to resolve the issue (most likely an all out war, in which case at least one piece of property would surely become available).

If, for instance, a property owner or the government dislikes something another property owner or the government is doing, they treat it exactly like international politics. It's a very simple idea, really. Basically each property is a country.

Is this not the perfect societal structure? Of course, life would be very savage and violent. But I know I would perfer it this way. (This coming from an average white suburbanite who has never tasted any real violence in his sheltered, pathetic life.)

Take it or leave it. You all know I'll go down in history as the next Karl Marx, though. Or at least Groucho.