Friday, August 22, 2003

Plane lands on highway
Plagiarized from The Bracebridge Weekender (no website to link to):

A polit flying an advanced ultralight airplane was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff from Muskoka Airport in Gravenhurst [this is bullshit: muskoka airport is closer to Bracebridge than Gravenhurst -dowingba] on Tuesday.

Bracebridge OPP said pilot John Morgan, of Toronto, took off for a flight to Haliburton late Tuesday afternoon. He was flying the plane at about 3,500 feet when it lost engine power and began to lose altitude, police said. Unable to regain power, Morgan made a safe emergency landing on Muskoka Road 118, east of Bracebridge near Vankoughnet.

Police said the plane sustained minor damage to its wing after hitting a mailbox during the landing. Morgan was uninjured.

Once in a while a truly bizarre news story shows up in the otherwise bland Bracebridge press.