Wednesday, July 02, 2003

T3 = T1 + T2
I was thoroughly disappointed with Terminator 3. There were some good action sequences, although most were just new versions of Terminator 1 and 2 scenes. The storyline seemed like it was just thrown together in a haste. There were dozens of those minor plot holes that drive me so mad, as well (if TX can control vehicles remotely, why can't she control the vehicle John is driving?). Arnold's character (I can never remember his "model number" in the movies), seemed too human. This last hole could possibly be explained with him being "taught" human behaviour in the future, but why was the Arnold character in Terminator 2 so ignorant of human behaviour?

All my predictions were confirmed, however, except my prediction that it would be better than T2. They answered the "fate vs choice" question, just as I thought, and "fate" won, just as I thought, because the war was postponed, just as I thought. The Arnold character is reprogrammed, just as I thought, and it is a source of the "emotional" storyline, just as I thought.

The movie was good for nostalgic purposes, seeing as I'll probably never get to see Terminator 2 (my favourite action movie of all time) in theaters, it was nice to see most of the scenes reenacted for me on the big screen. The effects were disappointing too. They weren't much better, really, than the T2 effects. They were better, just not as good as they should be in 2003. They left it open for a 4th installment, which, if they make it, should be better, seeing as they can't just rehash the same old storyline again (or can they? Finding a way to rehash it once again, would be interesting to see in and of itself).

Anyway, if you liked Terminator 1 and 2, you should still watch this movie just for nostalgic purposes. Don't make the mistake of expecting much though. The mistake I made.

Note: The technical plot holes littering the movie were especially annoying because T1 and T2 were always so good at keeping things technically logical. I also didn't like how the big government types talked about computers like they were my dad (turn on the email machine, please). I mean, it's the big secret computer defense corps, or whatever, you'd think they'd know the first thing about computers.