Sunday, June 29, 2003

About Chris Reid
-I was born on June 23rd, 1983 in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada.

-I am a guitarist in a band called Mozeba.

-I am neurotic, obsessive, compulsive, and generally unlikeable.

-I am one of those people whose lives are ruined by passion/lack of willpower/bad hygenic habits.

-I have a unique ear for language, which sometimes results in diction that sounds bad to "norms", but sometimes (hopefully) sounds good.

-I am a bigot, but don't worry, only toward peoples who are worse than I am.

-I am terribly sarcastic, which even in "real life" is sometimes hard to detect, let alone in print.

-I don't ever lie (unless you count sarcasm as lying, which I don't). I'm serious, I made a pact with myself (how sad is that) never to lie again.

-I wear glasses that turn into sunglasses when light hits them, so I always look "cool" outside (I swear, it's for medical reasons).

-I'm severely colourblind (that's the medical reason mentioned above), which explains the drab, depressing colours used in this weblog.

-Most of my joints crack alot. My ankles more than others, especially while going up/down stairs. This has warranted me the nickname "Mr. Bones".

-Nicknames I've been stuck with at various points in my life include: "Wolfy" (due to the immense amount of facial hair I could grow at a freakishly young age), "Mr. Bones" (due to the joint problem mentioned above), "Frodo" (due to a finger injury I picked up at work involving a meat slicer and a lack of brains). Well, no one really calls me Frodo, but they should.

-I am the scary guy in the park.

Now that you superficially know me, go back home to really get to know me (that's the point reading my weblog anyway, isn't it?)