Sunday, June 29, 2003

Jackson and I haven't practiced in weeks, due to conflicting work schedules (we both work at the same place, and have annoyingly different shifts). On Sunday we are going to damn well practice or die trying. I've written so many new riffs my guitar is about to explode (I've even been playing it with the hand injury), and Jackson allegedly wrote a 7 minute song. Usually when we go for a long time without practicing we stick to just playing our "old" songs (any song already completely written), but this time it seems we are going to be writing up a storm. Unfortunately though, when we get writing we can't stop (kind of like an orgasm), so our "old" songs will probably go unpracticed and remain quite rusty. Anyway, the point is, we're going to practice finally. Oh yeah, for this practice session, I'm planning on shedding the bonds of bandages and playing through the pain (and blood). It'll be like that Twilight Zone episode where the guy's guitar kills people.