Sunday, June 29, 2003

Freedom fries
The French do things for the same reason everyone else does things. They don't do things just to piss off America. Are you all so self-centered mindless fools that you think everything any other country does is purely to piss off America? Other countries have to govern themselves. What's the problem? France did what France had to do. This isn't the world of James Bond. France isn't just a bunch of super villains trying to take over the world or something. It's a country. USA does a lot of things other countries don't like, but you don't see all of us assuming you're doing it just to spite us.

By the way, for anyone who uses WWII as some pathetic reason to hate the French: Yes, the French got taken over by the Nazi's pretty fast, and didn't do much to retaliate or try to gain back their freedom, blah blah blah. Maybe if you put down your narrow-minded patriot-blinders for a second and actually open a history book, you'll change your tune. France was completely ravaged from WWI, where they took pretty much the blunt of the war. They had no army to defend themselves with. And if you think America "saved" them for some altruistic reason, then turn to page 2 of your history book please. They did nothing until Japan attacked pearl harbour, and then they only partook in the operations that made money. Most of America's force was focused on Japan. There were financiers in America that could benefit from "saving" France, and those financiers had a lot of sway. The end.