Sunday, June 29, 2003

Apocalypse squared (a dream)
I was at a party in a small, one storey house. There were lots of people there. The party was rather dull, as time kept looping. We'd relive the same 4 or 5 hours over and over again. Of course, since I had only been at the party for an hour or so, I hadn't had a chance to experience the time loop yet. But others had.

"There is a huge plane about to go overhead really, really low!" shouted someone. "It's a weird looking plane, I think it's Russian." So we all went outside to witness the phenomenon. And sure enough, a gigantic plane began to fly overhead, and indeed it was weird looking. It had gigantic thrusters on the back, at least 3 on each side. It was flying very low. "Wow," I heard people exclaim. "What the fuck?" I heard someone laugh as we saw a person jump out of the plane with a parachute. He floated slowly toward the ground. "Uhhh, is anyone driving the plane?" I said with a wobbly voice, fear growing in my mind. The plane began to wobble in the air, more and more frantically. We all knew the answer. We started backing up slowly toward the house, then faster. We got to the house just in time to see the plane hit the ground, a giant mushroom cloud resulting. Everything turned grey. Pieces of flaming wreckage slammed against every part of the house. Shards of molten metal flew through newly developed holes in the walls. It was hell on Earth. The apocalypse had come. Darkness.

I was at a party in a small, one storey house. There were lots of people there. The party was rather exciting, as time kept looping. We all knew too well now that time kept looping every 5 hours. We all knew that in just a few hours the world would end. And we all knew what we were going to do about it.

"The plane is about to go overhead!" shouted someone. We all went outside. And sure enough, the plane flew overhead. And sure enough, the pilot jumped out. We waited, knowing we had very little time, knowing we probably wouldn't live to see the next loop in time. "Grab him!" shouted someone, just as the pilot hit the ground. Two or three of us grabbed the pilot by the back of his shirt and bolted toward the house. As we ran, I looked behind me and saw that the plane was already too close to the ground. We weren't going to make it. The house seemed so far away. Getting further. Time slowed down. I looked around the group of people running, I saw their mouths opening but no screams came. There was no sound. "We'll never make it!" I shouted, although no sound was heard. The sky began to turn grey. Everything began to lose its colour. I knew the plane had hit. I knew we would die. Slowly a force seemed to pick up behind us. The explosion was reaching us. My feet ceased to touch the ground. The door to the house was so close. So close.

We had made it. Every one of us was alive. We each dodged the flying debry in the house with such precision, it was as if we'd done it before. We each took turns punching the captured pilot. We were alive, and we knew we'd only have to live in this hell for another hour or so. The pilot was stuck in the time loop with us. The apocalypse would be averted.