Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Canada Day
Canada is 136 years young today. I went to the fireworks show and, as always, was thoroughly impressed. Being an avid pyromaniac at heart, anything with big flashy explosions excites me. My complaint from the evening is that there were these kids somewhere in the crowd who felt we all needed to hear their commentary after each group of explosions. It was easy enough to tune them out though. All in all it was a good show, if a bit too short.

Terminator 3 doesn't seem to be playing at midnight tonight. The theater must have said it would at some point because I was so certain it would be. I am still going to go at midnight to see. The local theater here is badly run, they might have just not bothered to advertise. Maybe I'm being optimistic, because I want to see that movie the second it comes out. Terminator 2 was on TV tonight but I missed it to see the fireworks. Sigh. Will I never get my Terminator fix?