Monday, June 30, 2003

Robotics and serial killers
Today I got to work 9am to 3pm, and then 6pm to 11pm or so. Then tomorrow at 9am again. So I am now officially a robot. This is due to the fact that Inn at the Falls is in shambles now. It's chaos. The chef has gone to Spain until July 14th, and the sous chef that started on Saturday to take over got fired on Sunday. So we have no chef or sous chef. In other words, don't eat at Inn at the Falls until after July 14th.

In other news, I got 1 message on Friday and 2 today on the answering machine each containing nothing but weird, distorted oriental music. It's quite the mystery. My theory is that a serial killer has targetted me. His media-designated nickname will be "the chinaman" or something like that. It should be great fun. John Grisham, get out your notebook.