Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Judging by its cover
Currently reading: Till the End of Time by Allen Appel.

Alex seems rather normal. He jogs, teaches history, and cohabits with the thoroughly modern New York Times reporter Molly Glenn. But Alex isn't quite normal. He has a genetic predisposition to lose his place on the time line. His problem with the space-time continuum has taken him to revolutionary Russia and Custer's Last Stand. Now in Till the End of Time, he finds himself at the outer edge of American innocence--the eve of Hiroshima--and he's faced with the biggest dilemma of modern times. Given the opportunity to prevent the bombing of Japan, should he?

Alex's quest brings him in contact with some extraordinary real people: Einstein, young Jack Kennedy, Betty Grable, Wild Bill Donovan, and FDR. Back in the future, Molly researches an explosive story on Japanese biochemical warfare, unaware that the dusty clues she tracks are Alex's firsthand experiences. As past and present merge, they create a tightening knot of passion and violence that threatens to destroy Alex and Molly's life together.

Note: I'm also reading The Book of Mormon and Bhagavad Ghita (spelling?) Oh, and I'm trying to get started on reading the Oxford Dictionary again, but finding it a slow start.