Tuesday, July 22, 2003

More Blogrolling bullshit
I discovered the reason my blog wasn't working on IE. It was the damn Blogroll. I tried to be nice and link to a few people, just to show I wasn't totally selfish. You know, maybe I could pass a few visitors on to some other deserving weblogs. But, per usual, I got punished for my good deed. I don't know why the Blogroll was fucking this site on IE. I've seen other Blogger sites with Blogrolls, are they getting no IE traffic? That is so perverse it just can't be true. This also explains why my average daily visitors went from a whopping 8 down to a pitiful 2.

So anyway, I got rid of the damn thing. Site is back to normal. Now I get to start at square one again and win back all my loyal subjects.