Saturday, July 19, 2003

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(6/9/02 9:21:33 am):
God Damn you Arabs!
You filthy animals have made such a mess out of world politics, I can't wait to crucify all of you. Women, children, you all have no hope! You better hope that the Israelis and Indians get to you before I do!
You fucking monsters; we still can't find all the body parts from the people you killed on 9/11. My Grandchildren will hunt you down!
I taught my younger son how to shoot a .357 magnum yesterday; just point it at an Arab, pull the trigger and "Kablamo".
We're not fooled anymore by you lying cocksuckers! You lie so much about peace when all you want is your filthy war. Islam can go to hell and I'll make sure that it happens!
Hey, I hope that I get to pull the switch on Moussaoui!
Enjoy your Arabian "Accidents"! Ride some more Egyptian trains, Iranian planes or Afghani buses! Filthy pig f-ckers!
Now you pissed me off! Filthy Islamic Pig shit! All you people suck and thank G-d the Jews fight you!

-From a no longer existent Blogspot blog:
Arabs. Just Arabs. There's no real distinction between them. They all mostly hate America and they all smell like ass. Horrible, horrible ass. The worst are the Palestinians. The celebrations in the street of a Palestinian town just show their complete disregard for human life. The images of little kids and adult men waving Palestinian flags and passing out candy just makes me want to vomit.
Instead, I cursed at the television screen.
These people are just animals. I'm sorry... no, I'm not sorry. They're animals, and they just don't seem to posess any kind of redeeming qualities.

-arab_teacher - 01/15/02 03:39AM:
my dear brothers & sisters & smelly pet arabs.. Iraq is next, & then its on to smellia, I mean somolia, & then to Jordan & then to syria, & then to the uae & egyppt & then iran...etc get the point, were coming after you! BE AFRAID@!@!!! Were not taking any shit from you sub human monsters. fuck islams, fuck muslims, fuck arabs.. your all worthless & weak!

-Arabs=Filthy Bastards
by Joey Six Pack • Monday June 24, 2002 at 08:13 PM
You filthy bastards of a losers!!
You fucking animals, i dont give a flying fuck about the moderate muslins, to me muslins and Arabs only cause trouble, you only exist to fuck things up for everybody! Kill a fucking muslin, and im sorry for the moderate ones but its just the way it is fuckers!
Stay clear of Israel you fucking barbaric animals or the US will fuck your shit up. But i guess Israel doesnt need US troops for nothing, they kicked the shit out of you filthy Arabs everytime you made a move at them, even when you were superior in military power (67).
Someday im gonna join some military shit and im gonna find everysingle one of you shitbags, and when i do find you...AND IM GONNA CUT YOUR FUCKING THROATS...IM GONNA DUMP ON YOUR BLEEDING FUCKING BODY YOU MOTHER FUCKERS!!
You dont fool me fuckers, you may fool this leftys grass-fuckers but you dont fool me, YOUR ONLY GOAL IS TO KILL THE JEWS!
"Kill a muslin for me" - Jesus Christ

Note: All of these were found courtesy of WackyIraqi.