Monday, July 14, 2003

Rocking and blogrolling
I've finally added an ever popular blogroll. I'm debating whether I should use it only to list the blogs I frequent or use it to publish any old link I find interesting (like's remaindered links.) I'll probably keep it just for my favourite blogs because, frankly, I don't see that much interesting stuff on the Internet very often.

Edit: I think I will use it to list any old link I find interesting, if for no other reason than that it would encourage me to actually go out there and find interesting things on the web. There's all that knowledge out there but it's so hard to find. Tao of Dowingba will be your one stop Internet mega err site. Hmm, I wonder if Blogrolling will automatically delete/archive old links when the list gets long, or if it will just go on forever. That may be a problem...

Edit: Hmm. It seems this service is pretty much pointless for "any old link" useage, for reasons I don't feel like getting in to. Sigh, looks like I'll be creating a second blog on blogger and using (shudder) Server Side Includes, or some such nonsense.

Edit: Actually I may just get rid of the blogroll. But since I've gone through all the annoying trouble of readying my site for a sidebar feature, I wonder what I could put there of value? Any ideas? I get an average of 8 visitors per day, surely someone must have an idea!

Edit: Okay, I've edited the blogroll so it's not just a big smelly glitch, so I'll keep it. It'll be just for listing blogs I frequent, in alphabetical order. End of story. I'm sure over the course of many years I'll have amassed a brilliant cache of interesting weblogs to list. Last edit to this post, I promise.