Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Something bad just happened outside my house, in the wooded ravine. I went out front to have a smoke, and almost instantly, from behind the house, horrible high pitched screeching noises could be heard. From more than one source. Every once in a while a low grunt, or sigh could be heard. I got up the courage to walk closer to the sound, and from the side of the house I could see part of the ravine. I saw trees swinging violently. The screeching stopped. The trees stopped. It was over?

The screeching began again. "Holy fuck, what's going on?" I thought to myself. It's night time so I couldn't see very well. The screeching abruptly stopped again and I heard a couple more grunts. Low grunts. Couldn't be a cat, or a racoon. Had to be something bigger. I put out my cigarette and desperately ran toward the front door, thinking it must be a bear who somehow managed to stumble his/her way through the town into this little wooded oasis, and is embarking on a savage slaughter of small woodland creatures. Upon entering the house, I turned on the back deck light, in hopes I could see anything through the windows. Nothing. I juggled with the idea of going out onto the deck to get a better look. No fucking way.

The scariest part is that the low grunts sounded almost...