Sunday, June 01, 2003

Here is a link to one of my first websites (my first website, "Seth's Pix" [no, Seth is not my real first name], doesn't exist anymore). If you look at that site, and then look at this site, some interesting things arise in your brain. For one thing, the old site is definitely more complicated than this one ("clean and simple"). It has pictures, (used to have) downloads, even a site map! By all accounts, it is a more advanced website. Except for one thing: it sucks. Why does it suck? Just look at it! It's of the same style as everyone's "first webpage". Of course it is on Geocities. Geocities seems defined by this stupid style of anti-aesthetics.

The Internet has come a long way in the past three years (since I made that website). It seems minimalism has taken over, and I hope it stays. The only reason this weblog has any graphics on it is because Blogspot makes me put the ad at the top and the button at the bottom. If I had it my way, there'd be nothing but text (and gif spacers). All my favourite websites (all weblogs), are as clean and as simple as possible. It's euphoria. It's perfect. I wish the Internet would just stay this way forever. But no, that won't happen. How long will it take until flashy graphics and dazzling colours take over again? 10 years ago the internet was all text. Now it is text again. You'd think I'd be able to make a good estimate using those facts, but I can't. Sooner or later is my guess. Probably sooner. The reason graphics took over in the first place was because technology grew and people wanted to exploit it. Technology grows much faster now than it did 10 years ago. I think the Internet will suck within a year.

Note: The band in that website was my old band. It no longer exists. I have a new band now. Yes, the website is on Geocities, and yes, it sucks. I just can't be bothered to make it look good.