Sunday, June 01, 2003

Lately my brain just hasn't been working properly. It seems like I'm too easily distracted. Right now the TV is on and I'm finding it unusually hard to concentrate. Usually I'm quite adept at tuning out mindless noises like that. The problem goes far beyond that though. It feels as if there's a dark cloud in my mind, blocking out all my thoughts. I constantly find myself trying to busy myself with pointless tasks just to keep myself from thinking. The thoughts are there, running at full speed, but I just can't keep up with them. I'm out of sync. I wish I could just reboot my brain. Look, I'm so bad off that I'm actually writing one of those "I feel..." posts.

Just a random observation about weblogs: I am finding the Blogger interface to be much better than Blurty. Also, I'm in love with the commenting feature I implemented. The Blogspot servers are a bit slow sometimes, but I'm under the impression that Blogger/Blogspot is owned by Google (correct me if I'm wrong) and are currently under redesign. I'm also under the impression that the "archive" feature is being revamped (thankfully).

There, I made this post informative.